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Exhilarating Japanese Roads You Have To Drive In Your Lifetime

“Kanjo” requires us to answer two questions: “what?” and “who?” First the what: the Kanjo Loop is an elevated highway system in the heart of Osaka. For most of the city’s citizens, it’s just a regular roadway. For the who in question, an underground band of outlaws known as “Kanjo Racers” or “Kanjozoku,” the loop is an opportunity to throw caution (and laws) to the wind. The Kanjo street racing scene is an insane, highly illegal, and utterly captivating automotive mystery. Mt. Fuji is one of Japan’s most recognisable symbols and the country’s highest mountain. Its extraordinarily symmetrical cone is a must-see if you’re in the vicinity of Tokyo and in the mood for sightseeing. Take a serene and spirited drive along Mikuni Pass, which provides breathtaking views of the mountain and Lake Yamanaka below. The viewing spots can be crowded, but keep driving and eventually you’ll find a calm patch to take in the scenery. Tateyama Snow Canyon Road | Toyama Prefecture Drive along Tateyama Snow Canyon Road and Game of Thrones fans will be forgiven for thinking they’re beyond the Wall in Westeros. There are no White Walkers here, just gravity-defying snow walls that reach up to 20 m high.

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Tourist industry worries as Osaka hit hard by typhoon

Tourist industry worries as Osaka hit hard by typhoon While cleanup efforts are under way in the flooded terminal, its escalators and elevators were not working and electricity was cut off in some areas. There were some signs of recovery at the other terminal as restaurants and convenience stores started to re-open, but the usual mass of foreign passengers -- mostly Chinese, Koreans and South Asians -- are gone. Many seats remain empty in the lobby. "The number of foreign visitors is low and passengers are few. We don't think we will recover easily," said a public relations person for Peach Aviation Ltd., a budget airline with an office at the terminal. "We think the typhoon made an extremely negative impression on tourists so we need to emphasize the safety aspect." Osaka's tourism industry is worried about the sudden reduction in visitors to the city. The number of tourists to Osaka Castle has almost been cut by half compared with last year due to the typhoon. Only 4,000 people visited on the first Saturday after the typhoon, and about 4,100 on Sunday compared with a daily average of 7,600 in fiscal 2017. The figure had translated into 2.75 million visitors that year, composed equally of Japanese and foreign tourists. Read also: Two dead as strong quake shakes Japan's Osaka Hotels were also hit hard by the typhoon and there was prolonged traffic disruption.

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